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Nutrients are these numerous molecules and particles running through food universe building every inch of your body, feeding it and restoring it. Don’t deplete yourself of it with torturing diets. Word ‘Diet’ was not meant to scare you and rob you of beneficial nutrients as it often does, we are misled that ‘Diet’ means ‘skinny’, ‘forbidden’, ‘calorie counting ‘, ‘stress’ ‘rules + regulations’. Diet is a culture of eating, depending on your background, possibilities, knowledge or health needs. Diet is a temple of all the Nutrients, and both Diet and Nutrients are not meant to scare you, that’s just learned programming coming from the home and outside factors.

Diet rich in Nutrients eaten in moderation and with intention will affect your body and mind, just as, depleting yourself from it would but in oposite direction.

Imagine Nutrients like a thick phonebook, you dial 0 and connect with “Betty the Operator” and you say ” Hi Betty I feel sluggish with a pinch of a mood. Could you hook me up with a solution ” and Betty goes ” I seeeee, I’ll get the Green Leaf Familly to set up a meeting with The Legumes and The Goat Cheese to get your B levels up and Olive Oil to smooth the absorption.

In the meantime hydrate yourself and lay off the coffee since your adrenal fatigue is off the rails.

And girl, you haven’t nibbled on that dark chocolate for the daily shot of magnesium !”. And all you can say is “Thank you, Betty you rule !”

And when I say ‘with intention’ i don’t intend to drive you to any mystical direction, and if that’s your choice no judging here. Rather thinking of food as the provider of your mind and body connection, knowing what it can do for you and why you eat it or omit it. So, don’t panic ’cause potatoes have carbs but eat them for their high mineral and vitamin C content.What I mean with moderation is not eating potatoes 24/7 as the easiest solution, soon enough anything healthy when overused will work against you. Rotate the Nutrients changing their ‘sidekicks’ and ways of preparation that affect their nutrients.

80% of my food intake is made by me, the rest needs to be fuck*ng amazing and I’m ready for pay for it if I am to eat out, if I am to go home with a lesson that I can use. But as someone who makes noise with pans in the kitchen, I know the struggle of sometimes being spread too thin trying to juggle all aspects of life and work and cooking for more than one, as much as those moments where I cannot be stopped and I make more than one dish from scratch not knowing what possed me. My easy solution? Having the Kitchen’s Usual Suspects: salt, spices, oils, fats, lemon, ACV, garlic, onions, aromatic herbs, honey and what I call the ‘sidekicks” as nut and seeds butter, nuts, sauerkraut, kimchi, mustard, cheese, eggs … you catch my drift.

Dumping the veggies in the oven with a drizzle of Olive oil and some sidekick always does the trick for me with an optional glass of wine or a shot of mezcal for a little less inflammation, kefir water , kombucha or herbal infusion.
All the recipes you can find on the site here , are Nutrients based, supporting the shift in the idea of primary focus when feeding your entire being: what good this can do for me and what do I need based on how my mind and body feel now? And not getting bored of eating the same thing, ’cause let’s be honest that kills the buzz or prompts discovering creative ways of the dish making.
I wish for you to enjoy every single one of the Nutrient’s potential.