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If you ever looked up for the meaning of the word hospitality, in the dictionary, you will find that it says :
The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.
synonyms: friendliness, hospitableness, welcome, warm reception, helpfulness, neighbourliness, warmth, warm-heartedness, kindness, kind-heartedness, congeniality, geniality, sociability, conviviality, cordiality, amicability, amenability, generosity, liberality, bountifulness, open-handedness

Did you notice? The definition doesn’t start by saying: expensive furniture or style copying, cookie-cutter version of homes or ‘be stressed and ashamed when your guest is coming’ or ‘do what Martha does’. In the case where you like getting people together, you love hosting, giving them space to be themselves, to be free without judgement. When you wish to provide them with that sense of security, in that case, that´s more than necessary furniture, but you understand the primary focus from which you will create a specific style in your house. The atmosphere in your house is a reflection of your lifestyle.

People will forget what you said,remember what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

You like having people over then everything will be built around that. For that reason you know that you will need items to make your guest sit, the softer they are the longer they will stay, just so you know. And then there is that kitchen where the magic happens, where everything can happen, you don´t need necessarily living room for the entertainment of the guests especially if you are the cooking type of the entertainer. And people for centuries have gathered around fire stove as the centrepiece of the house, it is in our nature. The warmest welcoming place. That´s what makes hospitality warm and authentic. It´s not your marble countertops, nothing against them if that´s your style, but they should not come in the first place. But hospitality goes beyond materials and luxury of the design objects you have in the house and the latest trend in velvet sofa range.

When you are opening the doors of your home to people, you are primarily providing them with comfort and space to be them selfs.
You should be that person too.
You will provide the furniture based on that idea of self-exploration, expression, and willingness to own your true self, the ever-expanding and ever-evolving.
With that in mind, even when the budget is tight and you wish to have a social life, you will always find a way of hosting the people. If you every now and then look into the definition of hospitality, regardless of the trends, furniture colours and brands it will go beyond what you do not have in the house.
Slowly and patiently build your home, knowing that whatever you bring in the home it should not be reflecting your persona, desires, facilitating your hospitality, sociability and kindness that is being spread once you open the doors to welcome people.
Furniture can come from various resources when your budget is small, and it can have different forms. Wooden boxes, crates and pillows can serve as the place of standard chairs, and people would not mind it if you offer them a place to relax and enjoy a good solid honest conversation.