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Coal Spine is created by me, Mara Chevalier a design alchemist, with a vision of a healthy relationship that our mind and body should have with everyday ‘objects of desire’ for a quality life that we all deserve, communicated through Living, Food and Rituals in a straightforward and personal way. It is founded on the core belief that we all have necessary resources to change the state of our wellbeing either by listening to your body versus to thinking that it’s there just to wear clothes, and home as sanctuary and representation of your desires vs the copy of an Instagram and Pinterest feed.

Social conditioning has created the “new normal ” when it comes to life choices, and we allow what society thinks of as “normal” which derails our right of authentic progress in any aspect of our lives. As much as I agree that a community is essential, we don’t all have to indulge in the same food, clothes and lifestyles to be part of it. It’s all matter of choice, and those choices don’t have to be perfect.

There is not a “right way”, but you should try to find the one that fits you while practising it with a clear intention.
‘Coal Spine” is not a place for judgment or shame, it’s for those without a day at a yoga studio, with the small budget, not enough time, minimal home, shy and unsatisfied, grumpy and sweet, with monochromatic wardrobe, never enough clothes, loud and fragile.

I offer unorthodox tools to uncover what you need, what is essential and what urgent when designing your own life rituals.

Mara x.