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Coal Spine

Unorthodox tools to uncover what you need, what is essential and what urgent when designing your own life rituals.

  • Happy Saint George to all that celebrate it today 🐉
  • New Moon in Taurus Ritual •
"The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our sense to grow sharper " WB Yates. 
Take these words as a guidance in the moment of the New Moon phase where you could plant the seeds of the intentions to come for the new cycle ahead of you . Start slowly but don’t play small . This Lunar phase is associated with new beginnings and unlimited possibilities. A time to look at yourself in the honest light and write the beginning of the story that you have been postponing , and remember : recovery is possible ( rip ), healing is never-ending, patience is a skill that can be learned and as long as you  create a conduit ( roll up your sleeves ) the results will follow. 
Tonight meditate , journal , be silent , dance , take a bath/ shower , create as creativity will help you connect with the sometimes dormant intuition . 
Before bed prepare a nightcap elixir  made of dreams :
1 cup of poppy seed mylk •1 Date or 1tsp date paste (as a optional sweetener 1 tsp of honey) •1 tsp of Ashwagandha •1 tsp full fat bitter cocoa in powder. Blend it , mix it , whip it ,drink it .

Poppy Seed mylk : 1 tsp of grounded poppy seeds (per cup) in one cup water , let it boil , use the blender of choice ( i prefer stick blender as it’s less messy with a warm liquid ) , strain it and add the rest of the ingredients , whisk it again and enjoy before hitting the sack.
Poppy seeds will enhance your deep sleep pattern because of its high content of magnesium and it might be possible that this mylk could be that magic that will sharpen those sense for a time of one dream.
And , of course :
Pace yourself, anything good can turn against you when overused. 
Even thou this somewhat magical tonic will open new sense for you, drink it with intention and knowing your limits.
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  • Shadow Work Practice 
Use the Shadows for your benefit, don’t shun them. Welcome them when they appear. Keep a journal, make writing a practice. Talk about triggers that wake them up knowing that there is a possibility of you mirroring onto others. When someones look on the street triggers you, don’t go hating them. Ask yourself why do you feel that way. Own it . Make that poison into medicine.Whenever you actively pause and look through your thoughts you take control and they are not so scary anymore.
Ask yourself “How am I feeling, and why?” , good or bad it’s you. It’s all of you. Shadows are a gold mine of learning and expanding. 
Possibilities are endless if we were just to pause and ask a question before the emotions escalate and dig deeper into the quicksand.Be the observer and pick one thought at the time.Meditation is a good tool at this point. Kundalini is the tool of my choice.And the catalogue of meditative and mindfulness tools is tick as a phonebook. Choose one and start the work with the intention.
Shadow work requires consistency and there is no silver bullet, so all the valuable benefits won’t happen overnight. You got to be 100% into doing it. It requires dedication, persistence, self-love where you should intentionally carve out time for yourself. Shadow work is not there to make you feel special, it’s not a feel-good ritual, and that’s why the process is met with a lot of resistance. Try not to expect or look for the results, stress and judgmental emotions will set you back to the beginning
Of course, consult with your therapist ( if you are seeing one) before testing these forms of self-healing on your own. We all have shadows but we are not all on the same levels of self-acceptance and self-love.
  • Last Quarter Lunar Phase 
Today’s beginning of the Last Quarter of the Lunar phase  is period for breakdown , readjustment , transition . decomposition and forgiveness . In the Lunar Phase cycle this period is used for release that prepares the ground for the next cycle .This transformational quarter is ideal for everyone as a good reminder of life’s inevitable cycle and its polarity .
This is one of my favorite periods to slowdown and do inventory of all that serves no more with all the intention possible at that moment . It’s like a mind&body monthly cleaning appointment .
Good way to start is trough breath work . Breathing is usually an unconscious activity , realizing that and slowing down to breath intentionally helps raise awareness. To practice this exercise, sit on the floor in a comfortable, cross-legged position. Press your right nostril closed using your right thumb. Take a long, slow inhalation through your left nostril. Pause for a moment, release your right thumb and close your left nostril using your right pinky finger. Exhale completely from your right nostril. Continue this cycle for up to 30 minutes.This is a deceptively simple exercise. Depending on your previous experience with breath work and meditation you might be stroke with discomfort of being in this state for 30 min , you can start with shorter time period and build up gradually. Right after the exercise pen down what comes to you first that should be done , what parts of you and your life need readjustment , transition , decomposition . Writing it down right after the breath work means you will encounter less resistance coming from your ever controlling ego who would take you back to  usual avoidance menu. Keep the list short , let these revelations sit with you for a while and during that period think what you can do to say good bye to them and what could that bring to you.Show up and do the work every evening starting with a breath work without adding new items to the list .Continue till the next New Moon period . And if you find this too ’cheesy’ or  too ’wu-wu’ -it’s fine that this is not your ‘vibe’ so pick something that will help you reset and  restore, it’s a creative choice
  • Shadow Talk 
Tune in and talk to your Shadow. 
What I am talking about you might wonder. 
The action is called Active Imagination. 
You know, we all have that pre-learned reaction to say about the person that talks to itself that is " crazy".So we shrink in shame and fear thinking that we might be indeed going "crazy". As a result, we create a Shadow that withholds the importance of inner dialogue from us.
Don't worry I would never call you crazy for exploring yourself and talking to various faces of your ego, and you can be sure that we all have many of those. You are all safe here, I won't go around saying not only that you have read this but that after trying it you felt "something-something". I will leave that to you when you are ready to expand.
I do use this regularly. It strengthens communication, understanding, the process of visualization and the art of letting go. There is no place for perfection here, this is more about the long lost connections and rewiring them back together.
Let's be honest, an inner dialogue is absolutely natural and necessary and doing Active Imagination for a Shadow Talk can be used as a daily practice.
Always be comfortable when doing it, set up the mood, close the eyes and tune in to the talk to your Shadow. Don't start with " we need to talk" that freaks out everyone, start slowly and gently. Ask one question at a time and wait for anything that arises reflects on it. Be open and honest, let it grow naturally don't try to control it. It won't be "yummy" and "fuzzy bear " like at all, that's where we all usually just drop-off and move on. But not being comfortable is OK, that's where change happens. Have a face to face with what you have hidden from yourself so you can heal. 
Do the necessary research before practicing,  so I suggest starting with where the term originated from. Of course, consult with your therapist ( if you are seeing one) before testing these forms of self-healing on your own. We all have shadows but we are not all on the same levels of self-acceptance and self-love.
  • 5pm Wake-up Call Tonic 
This warm tonic is like a wake-up call for some and kick of thrill during midday sluggishness for others. Armed with Guaracao antioxidants gang: Guarana can reduce fatigue and improve focus, provide pain relief, improve skin appearance, while full-blown-no-sugar Cacao beside antioxidant properties is the highest plant-based source of iron, has more calcium than cow's milk, natural mood elevator and antidepressant and is full of magnesium that's good for healthy brain and heart.Tahini is high in healthy fats and amino acids,great source of essential vitamins & minerals ,can help balance hormones (especially in menopausal women), helps improve skin health ,boosts nutrient absorption… pweeeeeewwww holly shiitake so much in such a seemingly simple ingredient!

1 cup of water 
1tsp of Sesame butter ( Tahini)
1tsp of Guaracao (50/50 of Guarana + Cocoa )
pinch of Cinnamon and/or Cardamom
1tsp Honey or one Date 
1tsp Coconut oil or Ghee
Optional - 1 shot of espresso, for those who like to risk and can take a bit of extra buzz. My personal favorite.
Bring water to boil. Pour it in a blender or whatever you can use to mix the combo. Add tahini - don't add the tahini in the pan while is on the stove and boiling, it will burn the tahini, and it won't be yummy anymore. I love using tahini as a replacement for dairy milk when served with honey it's like you are in halva heaven. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend it. Not too much, you don't want it to cool down. Pour it in the cup, sprinkle a bit of freshly grated nutmeg ( add that shot of espresso ? ) and enjoy sipping on this tonic, getting ready for the rest of the day.

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