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Coal Spine

Unorthodox tools to uncover what you need, what is essential and what urgent when designing your own life rituals.


Mirroring, it’s like onion peeling, you shed layers, you cry. But you shed off some of the necessary stuff, and that gets you closer to those yummy parts. You dust away the bits that are hiding the qualities that you have shunned away, straight out rejected and became ashamed of.I believe you understand what is needed to be done to meet the person you have always supposed to be.

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  • First issue of Coal Spine Almanac coming out soon ✨🌞⚗ - It contains #design stories , #intuitiveeating #recipes , #tableculture , #beauty - all from a #intuitive , #intentional and #alchemy standpoint .

Today's Summer Solstice , also known as the longest hours of daylight and the sun is at the highest point . Solstice comes from Latin term 'solstitium' meaning ' the Sun stands stills ' as it appears to do exactly that for next few days , the 21st - 24th to be precise .During this Solstice portal let the Sun rays reach every cell of your body . •
The Sun kissed solid perfume magic for this Summer •ANIS YOU ALOT•

Bees wax ( or jojoba ) • Cocoa butter - amount of these ingredients depends on the size of the container for your perfume , measure accordingly but use equal parts of each • Tbls of Almond oil • Anis essential oil  15 drops • Ylang Ylang essential oil 10 drops • Cedar Wood essential oil 10 drops • Dragon's Blood resin infused oil for the Fire element of the Summer season 20 drops • Kaolin ( white ) clay for grounding 1tsp •

Melt the Wax and Butter in double-boiler ( Bain Marie ) , when done take it off and add clay , dragon's blood and almond oil . At the end add essential oils that you have mixed together in a cup ahead of time . Whisk all together and pour in a container of choice - here pictured is an antique poudriere - let it cool down and enjoy ⚗✨🌞 -•
Soon available for purchase ( EU ONLY )
  • Clean , simple and polished for the new Lunar cycle .✨
  • ~ Cold Brew Liquid Magic ~ • 1/2 tsp of Matcha • Juice of half of Lime • pinch of Lavender flowers • Sparkling water • Ice
• Joy 
Whisk Matcha with the Lime juice before adding ice cubes and pouring  the sparkling water and adding Lavender . Lime slice for in-house garnish fanciness .

Continue adding up the water ( and ice ) until all the Matcha powder is being used from the bottom of the cup .

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  • On June 3rd we entered 🌚New Moon in Gemini . Period of a day before and day after is still beneficial when setting the intention for the new lunar cycle . In this case you are in for a ride since this New Moon's sign is in Gemini , a sign that is outspoken , mutable and flexible which will lend confidence and sincerity to all the tasks at hand . So take a Gemini approach to your plans , aspirations and dreams : talk about it , meditate on it , get precise on it . Since for a chatty Gemini communication is important catch that chatter residue that is blocking your expansion , carve out the time to explore your inner dialogue.Words are so powerful and awareness respects free will so it will serve whatever comes out of your mouth, whether you are writing or speaking remember that specificity is the key . Don't limit yourself to old believes  when outlining the plans and desires. 
Carve out a moment for yourself today and pen down what is to be desired , what is to be spoken about with belief and trust . 
Make one promise to yourself daily and keep it ! 
The 1st quarter that leads to Full Moon ( June 17th ) is know as inspirational quarter and creative action quarter ; use it ! After that, Full Moon cycle leads with manifestation and transformational quarter. Use this as a tool to map out the steps , Gemini is a creative type and streams of ideas could be overflowing and overwhelming , having a clear protocol and guidelines could help with being less " all-over-the-place" while still leaving some space for fun by trusting the process and letting go of the Control .
And don't forget to hydrate : we are in for a hot - steaming summer ✨🌞
  • Happy Saint George to all that celebrate it today 🐉

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